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Ada apa dengan medical card?

t’s reassuring to know that you are covered in a medical emergency. But will you be in comfort?

With MediRider’s unique structure, you are ensured that you have both. MediRider is a medical rider that can be attached to selected Maybank Ordinary Life plans, and with it you have the choice of a range of basic plans providing you essential medical coverage. You then have the option to extend that coverage with MediRider Plus for added benefits during hospitalisation. This could translate to you having the option of better treatment, added facilities and even the privacy of your own room to enhance your comfort level while you recover. It’s entirely yours to choose.

For all these excellent benefits, you pay a highly affordable premium, and receive coverage of up to the age 75 – among the longest available!

Of course, MediRider also comes with a medical card that allows you hassle-free admission to panel hospitals for speedy treatment.

So get the medical coverage you need with the comfort you want. With MediRider.

August 7, 2008 - Posted by | takaful

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