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Death Magnetic

Death Magnetic

Death Magnetic

Finally, the new album is out.

I’ve waited for this for so long. My first impression of it was …. WOWWWWW !!!!!

They really did it, they really deliver this time. I first bought ..and justice for all,then work my way to puppets,lightning the kill ’em all. When the black album was out, at first i hated it. It was different. No long songs, no melodical interlude ala master of puppets, no galloping rhythm playing, not enough fast songs etc, but eventually i learned to like it.

When load and reload came out, i was suprised …. but i like it especially the interesting rhythm playing , the riff like solos, the guitar tones. I was drawn to the texture and how multi dimensional the album was. But people hated it. I think those albums was great, Hammett played well and Hetfield gets to expand more of his idea and other qualities of his playing.

When St. Anger came out, I was exited.. hoping another Load-like album. I was equally suprise, I had to listen and relisten to fathom it, and as James said it was quite a chore. I love the groove and some of the songs stuck to me. But this is the only album i didn’t bother to learn on guitar or even bother to look at the lyrics. I do love the artwork and the packaging.

Death Magnetic

Great album man! some says its like justice or its like Puppets. For me the most significant point is Kirk is back! I love the way he solos in the album, i just can’t have enough of his playing. I think the rhythm work is the most intricate of all, Hetfield is the MVP of metal and propably rock rhythm playing. Between him and kirk they are unbeatable. Well Lars play the same, anyone can recognize him. I think Rob idea and personality really makes the album special. I think his prescence is very significant.

Congrats on a album well done. Thanks


September 22, 2008 - Posted by | takaful

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